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A destination, a hotel, a history

It once went by the name Europa Palace and was one of the many hotels on Capri. It then underwent a dramatic transformation and became the Capri Palace. It is a temple of hospitality and a fascinating museum thanks to a unique collection of contemporary art.

The year was 1961 when the hotel experienced its first major renovation thanks to the work of Gianfranco Frattini, a student of Gio Ponti. It was the golden age of Milanese architecture and the young gentleman brought some very revolutionary ideas to the project. There was the low ceiling and dark palette for the hall, a transparent pool to see the movement of bathers while one walked through the hotel. There were very avant-garde shapes and volumes. Then Tonino Cacace appeared on the scene.

When his father, the then owner, passed away in 1975, Tonino Cacace, who was then 23 years of age, forged a new path to becoming a hotelier. It required a lot of courage. He was one who saw beyond the horizon. He changed the character of the hotel and renamed it Capri Palace. He sought to clarify and enhance its potential by adding a design strongly linked with the location, using signature Mediterranean white and blue that would be known as Capritouch. He laid out a hospitality approach typical of Anacapri, the most authentic and creative corner of the island, with an understatement that was once favored by Roman emperor Tiberius.

Cacace brought along his passion: art. The Elmo sculpture by Mimmo Paladino from the Castel dell'Ovo fort sits next to the hotel's main entrance, a Giorgio De Chirico painting hangs near the reception desk, where a cloister grill from a 17th-century convent is the main standout. At the bar there is a video installation by Fabrizio Plessi that evokes the color of the sea at the Blue Grotto. In the transprent swimming pool there are mosaics by Velasco Vitali. Then there is the work of Arnaldo Pomodoro, which was transported to the site and assembled at night piece by piece: 40 meters of fiberglass that pay tribute to cuttlefish bone (it may well be an homage to Eugenio Montale).

To round off its hospitality offering, there are two restaurants, L'Olivo and Il Riccio. The first, the only one on the Island of Capri to have been awarded with 2 stars by the prestigious Michelin Guide, offers a refined mix of tradition and innovation, while the second, a true representation of the Caprese style and essence, promises an extraordinary journey through the tastes, scents and notions of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Furthermore, our Capri Medical Spa, overseen by Professor Francesco Canonaco, represents an international reference point in the world of wellness, thanks to its unique treatments, like the exclusive Leg School®.

Capri Palace is more than a hotel. It is a journey, it is a sunny destination where one may be surrounded by pristine beauty.