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The Leg School ®

Discover our patented, exclusive and unique Leg School® program for the perfect leg shaping.

The Leg School® program is known throughout the world for the excellent results achieved in the prevention and cure of cellulite, water retention and all vascular problems in the legs. This program has been developed over several years of practice (and research with the purpose to help women and in some case men) to improve blood circulation of the lowes limbs, in order to maintain healthy and perfect looking legs.



7 days

The program includes

  • General medical consultation at the beginning, midway through and at the end of the program
  • Consultation with nutritionist
  • Derma-aesthetic consultation
  • Introductory evaluation with a personal trainer
  • 1 Thalasso body scrub 50’
  • 1 Drainage massage 50’
  • 1 LPG drainage, circulatory treatment 50’
  • 1 VelaShape® II body contouring treatment 50’
  • 6 Leg School Treatment® circulatory, drainage, oxygenating treatment 50’
  • 1 Cold stone massage 20’
  • Daily acquagym lessons
  • Natural herbal tea, according to the prescription

Program quotation

1.590,00 Euro

This price does not include accommodation. On request half or full dietetic board quotation is available.

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