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Intensive Skin Rejuvenation

To look younger, healthy and beautiful it is essential to have a smooth, radiant and firm skin without dark spots and wrinkles.

This specially developed program is helpful to fight all skin ageing signs. The combination of high tech solutions and aesthetic treatments will stimulate and reactivate skin metabolic activities, promote firmness and skin tone, increase skin texture, reduce the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles. After the program is completed, the skin will look firm, smooth and glowing.



The program includes

  • General medical consultation
  • Derma-aesthetic consultation
  • Consultation with nutritionist
  • 1 Dermalux® LED therapy 20’
  • 1 Oxygen Infusion 50’
  • 1 Age Reverse anti-ageing treatment 50’
  • 1 Sarah Chapman Skinesis® 80'

Program quotation

 640,00 Euro

This price does not include accommodation. 

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