Organic Limoncello

The unique quality of Limoncello and its exceptionally unmistakable flavor tell the story of a natural product made according to ancient traditions. The production process, recipe, peculiar method of distillation and careful workmanship make this product a unique synthesis of history and innovation.

The Organic Limoncello “Il Mondo di Mariantonia” is the original liquor, prepared exclusively with carefully selected lemons, using the most suitable varieties for its production, such as the “Tano Sfusato Amalfi” and “The Oval” of Sorrento.

The Limoncello is made using the peels of both varieties, grown by the methods of organic farming, without addition of colorings and stabilizers, to preserve the authentic, fresh and intense flavors. The peculiarity of the volcanic soil, combined with dry climate make the Limoncello a one-of-a-kind product with a high concentration of essential oils from the lemon peels and particularly intense fragrances.

The Limoncello, distilled multifaceted and versatile, is to be served at a temperature of 4°/5 ° and is ideal to accompany desserts, fruit salads, ice cream and granite or drunk plain.

Size: 50cl