Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Podere San Giovanni * Cetona - Toscana

The Gourmet Collection “ Il Mondo di Mariantonia” offers an Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany “Cetona Podere San Giovanni” in limited edition, made with olives selected for type and quality, grown on hills historically dedicated to oil production for centuries.

From the generous and charming Tuscany region, our extra virgin olive “Il Mondo di Mariantonia” is obtained from the noble  and carefully selected olives, using cold mechanical extraction.

The delicacy and subtleness of the olive oil is the result of passion, devotion and meticulous respect of ancient traditions. It is a nectar of a superior quality, appreciated for its intense and pleasantly persistent flavors. Its qualities make it an intense, elegant, well-balanced and harmonious  gold color, embellished with delicate green nuances and excellent organoleptic characteristics. Its production is only based on seasonal farming natural cycles in respect of the territory.

The result is an oil of delicate flavor, slightly fruity, with a low percentage of acidity, which can enhance refined culinary preparations. The dark glass bottle protects the oil from light to protect  its integrity and organoleptic characteristics.

Size: 25cl