Biological conservation

Biological conservation of "tomato Piennolo Vesuvios D.O.P"

Of great nutritional value, the "Tomato Piennolo of Vesuvius" distinguishes itself for its originality, firmness, organoleptic qualities and flavor. It is one of the oldest production of tomato boasting the “Protected Designation of Origin” label for unique characteristics strongly linked to the area of origin, the slopes of Vesuvius. This variety of tomato so-called “Vesuvius” is greatly appreciated on local markets when newly harvested, jarred in the typical form of Piennolo, according to ancient recipes named "a pacchetelle".

The technique to maintain the exceptional flavors of the Piennolo, favoring a slow maturation, allows a long shelf life, with the consequent possibility of consuming the product left intact in a jar long after it was vacuum-sealed. 

The distinctive features of the product make it an healthy and delicious, great tasting, high in vitamins and instantly recognizable product. The texture of the dark red skin, firm pulp, intense and lively flavor with high concentration of sugar, acid and other minerals, allow a long shelf life, during which the sensory qualities are retained. Biological conservation of traditional "DOP Piennolo tomatoes of Vesuvius" is possible through a careful selection of ripe tomatoes, juicy and fragrant, harvested at the right stage of ripeness at the end of July, left "to dry" in wooden houses till the end of August. We selected the cherry tomatoes savory and delicious, subsequently processed, cut by hand lengthwise into two parts and carefully placed into jars, sealed and pasteurized.

Biological conservation of traditional "Piennolo tomatoes of Vesuvius DOP" Size: 520 g glass jars

Biological conservation “Piennolo in tomatoes Sauce of Vesuvius DOP" Size: 530 g glass jars