Capritouch Executive Suite

The brand new Capritouch Executive Suite, 70sqm (753 sqft), masterfully expresses the craftsmanship, tradition and features of the Capri Style. Here everything is perfectly set in its most appropriate context and aims to enhance Mediterranean colors and architecture. Tribute to the new line Capritouch Home collection with high quality cotton and linen and embellished with Loro Piana fabrics, this bright suite can be connected with the Deluxe Capritouch Suite, becoming our “two-bedroom Penthouse Capritouch”.

A Capritouch outfit, placed inside a wardrobe created ad hoc, is proposed to the guests of this Suite. A stunning terrace of 30 sqm (322 sqft),  white and blue handmade ceramic tiles. The suite is divided by columns, arches and cross vaulted ceilings. White furniture to make the space wide open, fixing the gaze towards the sea. Spacious entrance, cozy living area, one bedroom and two bathrooms in minimal design, one of which with shower and bathtub.