Capritouch Deluxe Suite

The exclusive Deluxe Suite Capritouch offers the opportunity to experience a typically Capri Style stay, everything here whispers you about the Mediterranean: colors, architecture, materials and furnishing, all handcrafted. This suite, large 60 sqm (646 sqft), features a living and a sleeping area by columns, arches and cross vaulted ceilings. The bedroom is enriched by a spacious bathtub large enough to accommodate 2 persons. Panoramic views from the terrace overlooking the Ischia island.

The colors chosen for the flooring and furnishing are white and blue. Loro Piana fabrics, fine linens and cottons, all strictly from the Capritouch Home Collection. A Capritouch outfit, thought for the clients of this Suite is exposed in a wardrobe created ad hoc. Bathroom in minimal design with large shower. The suite can be connected with the Executive Suite Capritouch.