In his artwork, he reproduces elements of a pictorial tradition and its language. He is famous for his large canvas portraying urban scenes, landscapes, portraits and colourful sea sails.

Consistent with his inspiration for the land and the sea of the South, Velasco makes the decoration of the outdoor swimming pool entitled "Sailing" in collaboration with Bisazza Mosaic.

Velasco Vitali art name, Velasco, was born in Bellano on the Lake of Como in 1960. Son of the painter Giancarlo Vitali, he was self-taught in the late seventies, as he studied graphic design and painting.

When he met with Giovanni Testori he participated in the exhibition at the Artists and Writers Rotonda della Besana in Milan that marked the beginning of his artistic career. His first solo exhibition, organised by Vittori Sgarbi, was held in 1986, the Society of Design in Milan.

Towards the end of the nineties he shares a tie to the Milanese Workshop group and participates in several other group exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

His production is very varied, from paper artwork to large-scale sculptures made of iron, tar, cement and other recycled materials, which became the main characters of the Extramoenia project in Milan in 2007 and Isola Bella in 2012.