Stefano Cantaroni

Stefano Cantaroni is called "The Cyber Mannerist", a digital modern artist that at the timeitself linked to the themes of traditional painting.

This young Italian-German nearly thirty is one of the major representatives of the Italian "Staging Photography", the final frontier of contemporary art, where painting is somewhere between a photo shoot and the setting up of a theatre scene.

In order to express himself,  Cantaroni uses computers and digital instead of brushes, in which the subject is always himself, his image was repeated continuously in an obsessive manner to later form the  "Tableaux Vivants". As shown in his most famous artwork: "Last Supper".

His friend Lucio Dalla described him as "an innovator who revisits the neo-manierism acquiring the spirit in an intelligent manner, he uses tools such as photography, computers and painting. "