Salvatore Garau

Salvatore Garau was born in S. Giusta in the province of Oristano in 1953. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in the seventies and was the drummer of “ Stormy Six”.

It was in Milan in the eighties, the city in which he had chosen to live - holding his first solo exhibition in Cannaviello’s study, then the reference point of Young painting. After this first exhibition Garau was involved in exhibitions and collaborations with the most famous galleries in Europe, such as Patrick Roy and Claudia in Lausanne, Gian Ferrari in Milan.

Thanks to being mentioned by Elena Pontiggia in "Sign" and positive criticism by Henry Crispolti and Luciano Caramel, Garau earned the reputation of being "one of the most promising artists of the eighties. "

In 2002 he exhibited at the Fondazione Stelline in Milan and the following year participated in the Venice Biennale, while his artwork was also in the exhibition  at the European Parliament in Strasbourg and Behan Gallery in London.

In 2004, he gets a solo show at Limn Gallery in S. Francisco and the Capricorn Gallery in Washington DC. In 2006, he contributed to the turmoil in Sardinia where three churches flooded with water and fish.

Much of his artwork is in major museums across Europe, such as the PAC in Milan, The Museum of Modern Art of Bologna, the Casa de la Cultura de Bellreguard and the Hall Parpalló of Valencia.