Maurizio Galimberti (Como, 1956).

"For the fate of my family I would have definitely become a surveyor, unfortunately. Good thing for  photography.” At 34 years of age, Maurizio Galimberti, before becoming a famous photographer, worked in the family business, a construction company in Brianza, near Milan.

Before becoming a photographer, he cultivated this passion, since childhood, by participating in competitions and registering under different names, such as his the mother’s or his wife’s. Almost an undercover operation. In the  beginning he preferred the use of a black and white camera with a rotating Widelux lens.

The unbridled obsession with Polaroid flows in 1983 and is due not only the technical but also to his phobia of the dark darkroom. The use of Polaroid becomes a necessity. His connection with the Polaroid Italy began in 1991 and is still active.

His signature style is the "mosaic", his shots are fragments of a global vision, actually dismantled and reassembled live tassels. The photographer's eye catches and exposes life on film in just a few moments, the game is simple, the result, appealing. And his portraits are included in major international collections.