Massimo Kaufmann (Milan, 1963)

Massimo Kaufmann was born in Milan in 1963. He asserted himself on the Italian scene after the experiences of “Arte Povera” and the “Transavanguardia”.

He has exhibited widely nationally and internationally: at “Studio Guenzani” and “Studio Marconi” in Milan, “Lia Rumma” in Naples,  “Gianenzo Sperone” in Rome. Then - from the ‘90s- at The PAC - Pavilion of Contemporary Art in Milan; in Paris (Fondation Cartier), Berlin, Martin Gropius Bau (Metropolis) Amsterdam (De Appel) Vienna (Palais Lichtenstein, Ludwig Foundation) and New York (Sperone-Westwater, Bronx Musem ), in Phoenix, Nice (Musee d'Art Contemporaine), in Rome, at the National Gallery of Modern Art. Since 2010 he has collaborated with the Academy of Brera in Milan. In the last decade his work has been focused on abstract painting, in which the performative aspect plays a central role.

One of his works, "The Golden Age", made in New York in 2008, was recently acquired by Bologna Modern Art Museum (MAMBo).