Lello Esposito

Lello Esposito likes to call himself a "cult artist". For almost thirty years, in fact, he’s been working on symbols and on the archetypes of the popular culture of Naples, his hometown.

Pulcinella, San Gennaro, Vesuvius, Naples and all their images are the subjects of his artwork. It is in a small Neapolitan neighbourhood, "The Doganella" which Esposito sets up his first studio, overlooking the roofs.

Even if he has exhibited his artwork in many European capitals, Lello Esposito remains of his origins. "I stopped to look at the puppeteer and asked him to show me one of the his puppets.

He showed me Pulcinella and from that moment I knew that I would do my art trade ", he loves to tell artists today explaining what generates his inspiration.

His research is a mix of innovative interpretations of tradition and experimentation, from sculpture to painting, from materials such as terracotta, iron, aluminium and bronze, from colour to acrylic oil.

His colours are always vibrant and give back the typical contrast of the culture in Naples.