Keith Haring (Reading, 1958 - New York, 1990).

American painter, Haring was born in Pennsylvania in 1958 and died in New York in 1990. Since early childhood he was fond of drawing and was encouraged by his father, designer of  comics and cartoons.

The Walt Disney characters and other heroes that influenced him. His popularity exploded with the creation of graffiti were Haring starts drawing in subway stations with white chalk and a specific style.

The majority of the characters are children, emit radiation, but also dogs and TVs with legs, are forever the main characteristics of his artwork and being inspired by the signs of contemporary society.

His elementary and synthetic style evokes the American tradition of the twentieth century, from action painting to pop art. It was always be the main feature of his artwork even when vivid colour and contrast took over.

Sick with AIDS in the last period of his life, he creates artwork with a strong social impact taking a tragic tone. His iconography became part of the language of imagination and visual culture of the last century and has been recognized by all.

"Art is not an elitist activity reserved for the appreciation of a few. Art is for everyone and this is the reason to which I strive to work " these are the words that Keith Haring liked to repeat.