Jakub Nepras

Jakub Nepraš was born in Prague in 1981. In 2000 he debuted at the National Gallery in Prague with sculptures and multimedia artwork in which he worked on for ten years.

In 2005, with his  video installations in the award winning animated ESSL Aerokratas Festival, and in 2008, Euromobil he commissioned the construction of the design of an object (presented at Artefiera in Bologna).

But it is with "Babylon Plant", a three-minute video on modern society associated with the metaphor of a plant, in which Jakub Nepraš is finally noticed and considered by the national art scene.

His aesthetic meditation starts with the notions of space and time, which are essential for the creation of video images and sophisticated three-dimensional structures, which seem to belong more to the field of neuroscience than to art.

Nepraš is haunted by the organic forms of nature, the constant changes of living organisms but also by high-tech electronic equipment. That's why his artwork is presented as a bold, but real blend of cybernetic innovations and research on society and the environment.