Giorgio Tonelli (Brescia, 1941)

Giorgio Tonelli began painting in 1974 after a long trip to India. At first he was an international lawyer for ten years.

An important aspect for him was his association with the group of painters, Existential Realism, in particular with Gianfranco Ferroni, who Tonelli calls as his "teacher of ethics." Together they founded the group Metacosa, which includes Bartolini, Biagi, Luino, Luporini and Mannocci.

Tonelli travels between London, Paris and New York, where he always finds new inspiration for his painting. In 1987 he decided to settle in Bologna, where he now lives and works.

His artwork is characterized by a rigorous and essential composition that represents the structures of a house and factories in which he reveals a hidden side, the skeleton and the soul that supports it.

His architecture has no frills and unnecessary details, they are pure architectural volume. The only natural element that Tonelli leaves in his compositions is "The Sky", slate coloured, streaked or threatening clouds.

As Henry Lombardi wrote about him, an artist and friend, “Tonelli stares at a point, only one point. A line. One pure line that joins and separates. "