Artists in residence

Unquestionably, Art has a leading role at the Capri Palace. Artists such as Arnaldo Pomodoro, Velasco Vitali, Plessi, Vanessa Beecroft, Salvatore Garau, Michele Chiossi, Alessandro Papetti, Richard Gusmaroli, Maurizio Galimberti, Frances Trombly and Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova, have been all hotel guests and were glad  to come back, sometimes also more than in one occasion. They have contributed to the realization of the "White Museum." 

Visiting what it can be already defined an authentic Art Hotel, milestone of a project that over the years has become reality, is clearly perceived from the entrance of the Capri Palace that  the fruition of the  artworks  is anything but private and exclusive.

The collected works and those that will be added to the "White Museum", are not designed with a mere expositive purpose, indeed  besides the presence of modern and contemporary works of art, some artists had also been commissioned site specific works.

Therefore, the cardinal idea of the project "Artists in Residence" is to give life again to a space where art and artists are more and more main characters. 

In addition, the relationship between artist and territory, between the work of art and the context that is receiving it, will be the prerequisite of a common path that will enrich both subjects: the artistic genius as his audience. In order to ensure a proper working environment, the Capri Palace provides a spacious sea-view Atelier for the artist, with all the equipment required and what is needed to the creation of the pieces of art he wants to create. 

Aritsts in residence  is a project of artistic and cultural growth connected to the territory. It consists in a period of stay at the Capri Palace Hotel of artists, during which they are invited to create a piece of art.

Promoter of the project is Dr. Antonio Cacace, supporter for years of many collaborations between influential interpreters of the  Contemporary World and the Capri Palace Hotel. 

The idea is born with the specific aim of making Capri theatre of artistic experiences as involving as possible: the partnership between the guest artist and the Capri Palace will be extended to public bodies, educational institutions, press, web, private institutions. 

The Capri Palace is a successful experiment of Art-Hotel, where the fruition of the artworks is anything but private and exclusive: from the entrance, public areas, rooms, and inside the impressive lobby, heart of the White Museum, art is the absolute protagonist.

The collection of works of modern and contemporary art in the years has been enriched by the presence of site-specific works, to show how the creativity of the artist might be successfully  performed in the Capri Palace Hotel.

The most ambitious purpose now is to spread the artistic strength of the Capri Palace outside, to the benefit of the area, residents and visitors. 

Mindful of what Capri represented in the past centuries - favorite destination of the Grand Tour, where romantic artists found inspiration - we aim to create a real cultural laboratory, a think tank and at the same time a prolific workshop for all those who will take part to the project. Anacapri, authentic village located in the most exclusive and panoramic island is, in this sense, the most suitable setting where to pursue such an "experiment", combining history, scenic beauty and monumentality with the authenticity of a typical small center still able to experience a civic participation.

Home to memorable stays, see the futurist era, Anacapri has often been a fervid meeting place for artists and intellectuals. A similar experience of artistic residence, is intended to demonstrate that the potential of this place in the past so many times inspiring, may be still expanded, attracting new talents and bright energies.

The visual arts exhibitions planned for the first Artists in residence will cover the fields of photography, painting, sculpture and installations for a total of four events in a year.

Massimo Kaufmann, Giada Ripa, Gabriele Picco and Sebastiano Mauri are the artists chosen by the curator of the project, Ms. Arianna Rosica, Chief editor of Flash Art and coordinator of Milan Flash Art Fair: a careful expert of the contemporary World, already involved in Travelogue, educational laboratory for the schools of the Island, realized by Antonio Cacace and Capri Foundation.

Flash Art is a magazine of Italian and international contemporary Art founded and directed by Giancarlo Politi, based in Milan and with an editorial desk in New York. 

The project includes a publication on contemporary art: "The Language of Contemporary Art. Anything goes". It will be given to the students of the High School of Capri that will join “Artists in residence”. And its writer, Angela Vettese, will present the book in order to share with the audience her idea of Contemporary Art.