Aldo Mondino (Turin, 1938-2005)

The information regarding Aldo Mondino’s artistic life begins with his first trip to Paris in 1959. The city is still an important step for many artists who have been meeting there to participate in the great adventure of art.

In Paris Mondino participates in Heyter Atelier’s courses and the Ecole du Louvre, he meets Severini and becomes friends with artists such as Alain Jouffroy, Errò, Lebel, Wilfredo Lam and Tancredi. It is thanks to Tancredi that Mondino shows his artwork for the first time that recalls the surrealist tradition at the Galerie Bellechasse.

Mondino returned to Italy in 1961 and exhibited in the most important galleries avant-garde of the moment: Sperone in Turin, Giorgio Marconi in Milan, the Galleria d'Alibert Arch in Rome.

In these galleries he puts on display, real fish and rents a boat that goes along the Tiber full of candy. It is clear to everyone, that from these very early pieces of artwork his irreverent and ironic character which allows him to create towers of Babel made of nougat, chocolates, sugarcane and phantasmagoria that comes from his fascination with the Eastern Indian and Moroccan cultures.

Trips to Turkey "in the beloved Istanbul" or in Cappadocia are the source that inspired the artist’s work, objects and materials that he finds among the market vendors to add in his creations such as carpets.

In 1993, at the Venice Biennale, organized by Achille Bonito Oliva, Mondino presents a series of large paintings, which represents the rotating dance of the Dervishes, who he was fascinated by, during the last decade of his production.