Metabolic response / Rational weight loss

The excess of body fat is one of the main causes of cardiovascular and circulatory diseases, metabolic unbalance and hormonal offsets as well as psychiatric diseases linked to food intake. This problem has been increasing of about 30% in the last 15 years in the so called “industrialized countries”: genetic, social, cultural factors as well as inappropriate diets, loaded with fats, daily stress and reduced physical activities, are responsible for this increase. 

The program has been developed by Professor Francesco Canonaco, Medical Director of the Capri Beauty Farm, in collaboration with the University of Milan and now is supervised by Professor Evelina Flachi,  specialist in Food Science-Nutritionist, professor of Nutrition for Wellness at the post graduate course of Thermal Medicine, University of Milan. 

The program “Rational Nutrition – Metabolic Response” is finalized to the correct weight loss and the prescription of a right and personalized diet and physical activity program.

Metabolic Response