Leg school

The “Leg School” is a treatment that refers to vascular diseases in the lower limbs. The methodology,  formulated and patented by Prof. Francesco Canonaco, consists of a series of  complementary treatments characterized by the application of rich active principles and vaso-active substances. 

Venous insufficiency indicated by the presence of varicose veins or capillary-venous ectasias (surface capillaries) may not just prove a problem, but may actually be the beginning of a pathology which must be examined and treated by specialist doctors. Women very often suffer from venous and lymphatic return, although men also experience the problem, albeit to a lesser extent. 

This problem arises mainly in people who spend most of the day standing on their feet and is aggravated by bad eating, and posture habits. At times, it can be caused by regular abuse of medications, sudden weight gain, a wrong course of physiotherapy or simply bad posture. 

For this reason, our treatments involve bio-stimulation on a cutaneous and subcutaneous level which simultaneously increases the elasticity of the skin, thus preventing the formation of stretch marks. More importantly, it makes the legs look healthy once again through the use of truly unique formulas to combat sluggish blood circulation. Moreover, it favours lymphatic drainage and reduces swelling. 

La “Scuola delle gambe” è un trattamento delle affezioni vascolari degli arti inferiori. Tale metodologia, ideata e brevettata dal Prof. Francesco Canonaco, consiste in una serie di trattamenti complementari fra loro. Essi sono caratterizzati, alla base, dall'applicazione di ricchi di principi attivi e sostanze vasoattive.

Leg School