The Chef

"My idea of cooking is a simple concept. Innovation, tradition, new dishes and enhancement of the classics"

My main objective is 'to return products to their main role, carefully selecting the best; observing the seasonal cycles, making them recognizable ingredients without betraying their origins.

The creation of my dishes cannot be separated from the need that I have to draw on the culinary heritage I inherited.
Before investigating new ways I feel the need to value - in a modern way - those dishes and flavours that live in my taste and smell, and that represent my land and my deepest values grown over time.

The attention to the decoration and presentation of the dishes also arises from the observation of all forms of visual art that surround me - including many works of contemporary art in the collection of the Capri Palace - and that have plagued my senses.

Andrea Migliaccio
Executive Chef
Restaurant L’Olivo